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Mona Lisa Tello’s Advice for Developing a High Singing Voice

March 30, 2013

As a high soprano, Mona Lisa Tello understands how difficult developing a steady, high singing voice can be. That said, individuals can take several steps to aid this development. Below, Mona Lisa Tello has outlined some of her most beneficial advice for novice singers.

  1. When you begin to practice, sing within your normal vocal range and allow yourself to warm up before attempting notes outside of your comfort zone. Ideally, you can find a song that only includes a few notes outside of your comfort zone to master before moving on to another.
  2.  Keep your back straight and your muscles relaxed. Posture has a great deal to do with the ways in which your lungs and diaphragm expand and contract. Always breathe from your diaphragm as your sing. By training the diaphragm, singers gain greater control over their breath exhalations.
  3. Train your body as well as your voice. Press your lower belly in and let out your upper belly. As your voice goes up in pitch, bend your knees slightly to make yourself feel as if you’re moving downward. Drop your lower jaw more than feels comfortable, but don’t strain it. Keep your mouth narrow.

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